Training and Production

Over five years working to build data teams in developing countries, Internews has developed a 200-hour in-person teaching curriculum that instills the necessary theoretical and technical skills to produce data-driven analysis and storytelling. The pedagogy emphasizes an inquiry-based investigative approach. The course content balances the principles of public service journalism with the technology for data gathering, analysis and visualization. All examples and data are sourced locally, regionally, or nationally and concentrate on public interest stories that counteract corruption or  mismanagement and foster governmental transparency and accountability. Course content is divided into modules, emphasizing inquiry-based investigative skills and technology labs, teaching hands-on, tool-driven skills. Each lab is rooted in a public interest hypothesis that trainees prove or disprove using the skills they learn in the lab. The course devotes equal attention to data gathering, processing and storytelling, including effective visual and narrative techniques for data-driven communication.